I enjoy using software tools to generate artistic visualizations of scientific data and concepts. I use a combination of vector-graphics (primarily using Inkscape), bitmap graphics, 3D-renders (using Python and POVray), and AI-art-generation models. The banner on this website rotates through a selection of the things I’ve generated.


I collaborate with professional artists and academics of the arts. With Prof. Schedel at Stony Brook University, we investigated the sonification of x-ray scattering data, and developed a modern instantiation of dance notations. I worked with, who developed a set of pieces related to scientific data from the Center for Functional Nanomaterials. This led to the creation of a 3D-printed sculpture, and a virtual reality experience combining data rendering and sonification, allowing participants to explore datasets.

Journal Covers

I have made cover art for a selection of journal articles and books, including:

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“Polymer Science at NIST” Advanced Materials 2010, Vol. 23, No. 3 (January 18 2011). link
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De France, K.J.; Xu, F.; Hoare, T. “Structured Macroporous Hydrogels: Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities” Advanced Healthcare Materials 2018, 10, 1700927. doi: 10.1002/adhm.201700927

AI art

I have been exploring how AI-art-generation systems can be applied to generating science-inspired imagery and illustrations.