User Program

I am the lead for the CFN’s X-ray Scattering for Nanoscience user program (2010–present). I managed a nanoscience user program at the X9 beamline (NSLS) from 2010–2014. I am now the lead-PI for two partner user programs at NSLS-II, on the CMS and SMI beamlines. I was closely involved in the conceptual design of these two beamlines: I was the lead author for the CMS Beamline Development Proposal; chair of CMS Beamline Advisory Team; member of SMI Advisory Team. In this role, I participate in beamline governance, guide and administer the user program, and directly support users at the beamlines.


I have recognized scientific impact in areas of soft matter, x-ray scattering, and AI/ML for science. As of early 2022, I have 156 publications, >7,700 citations, and h-index 47 (see Google Scholar for up-to-date information). I gave 51 invited talks 2005–2022. I was the recipient of the Brookhaven Science & Technology Award, and was selected for the fourth cohort of the Oppenheimer Science and Energy Leadership Program. I am engaged in co-organizing and chairing symposia, workshops, and related activities. Recently (Oct. 2019), I served as co-lead for the Online Control panel at the BES Roundtable Workshop on AI/ML.


I am leading a program in AI/ML for nanoscience. I was the BNL principal investigator for a BNL-SBU seed grant (2011); principal investigator for BNL LDRD Deep Structured Analysis for Image Datasets from CFN and NSLS-II (2016–18); and principal investigator for BNL LDRD Physics-Informed Autonomous Synthesis of Self-Assembling Materials (2019–20).


I am experienced in leading and managing large collaborative projects, including: leading CFN x-ray scattering user program; PI for two BNL LDRDs and co-PI on three additional LDRDs; project manager for Quantum Materials Press project ($6M over 3 years); managing (group leader) a nanoscience research group ($4.7M/year budget, 8 scientific staff, 3 postdocs).