Resilient three-dimensional ordered architectures assembled from nanoparticles by DNA


Majewski, P.W.; Michelson, A.; Cordeiro, M.A.L.; Tian, C.; Ma, C.; Kisslinger, K.; Tian, Y.; Liu, W.; Stach, E.A.; Yager, K.G.; Gang, O. "Resilient three-dimensional ordered architectures assembled from nanoparticles by DNA" Science Advances 2021, 7 eabf0617.
doi: 10.1126/sciadv.abf0617


We demonstrate how DNA nanostructures can be converted into robust inorganic silica replicas.


Rapid developments of DNA-based assembly methods provide versatile capabilities in organizing nanoparticles (NPs) in three-dimensional (3D) organized nanomaterials, which is important for optics, catalysis, mechanics, and beyond. However, the use of these nanomaterials is often limited by the narrow range of conditions in which DNA lattices are stable. We demonstrate here an approach to creating an inorganic, silica-based replica of 3D periodic DNA-NP structures with different lattice symmetries. The created ordered nanomaterials, through the precise 3D mineralization, maintain the spatial topology of connections between NPs by DNA struts and exhibit a controllable degree of the porosity. The formed silicated DNA-NP lattices exhibit excellent resiliency. They are stable when exposed to extreme temperatures (>1000°C), pressures (8 GPa), and harsh radiation conditions and can be processed by the conventional nanolithography methods. The presented approach allows the use of a DNA assembly strategy to create organized nanomaterials for a broad range of operational conditions.